There’s a deception in Christ that there is no conflict in your life if you are serving God.  On the contrary, opposition comes to test God’s people on a daily basis.  However, the trials that you face are only designed to push you into a place in God that you never thought you could reach.  God has already provided the fire, which is your trials.  He just wants you to be the sacrifice.  He wants to get glory out of all that you are going through.  It does get unbearable to the point that you may not be able to see your way out.  On the other hand, The Lord will use what is troubling you to promote you.  Let Him.  His plans are to prosper you, for you to be happy and satisfied but you must fight for it.  The Bible says that the violent take it by force.  Don’t just lie down and surrender your position in Christ; Fight.  Your reward is greater than the opposition you are facing.  Just remember, trust God’s plan for your life.  Bless God for your trials.  Let Him be glorified in all that you are going through and watch Him move in your favor.  God bless.