You have the power to determine your destiny through Jesus Christ.  His word declares that there is power in the tongue and that whatever we speak so shall we be.  Why not declare great things are coming in your life? Start your day believing that today is the end of your trials, that you forever, the best days of your life begins today.  Until we start speaking these things and believing them, we will always be bound by everyday trials and tribulations.  Jesus never promised that bad days would not come but He did give us a choice to allow them to rob us of our promises or fight to keep what He has given us.  The decision is yours.  Will you stand on the promises of God? The promise that we are the head and not the tail, that we are above and not beneath. The promise that our future lies in God’s hands if we trust Him. Will you believe that your forever begins today…or better yet…now?  If you believe, then He will meet you where your faith lies. Trust His plan for your life, believe in yourself and declare His blessings over your life as well as others.   Today is the day!