Being blessed isn’t always about materialistic gain.  Getting a new car or purchasing a new home does not mean that you are blessed.  These things do not define who you are; Your character is what makes you individualized and original.  Material possessions are only bonuses that the Lord gives His people for maintaining good stewardship.  The bible declares that if one first seeks His kingdom that everything else will be added.  This assures the believers that if suffering is manifested in your life, then riches and honor will follow. Flesh naturally wants to acquire blessings without having to endure trials.  However, trials are what humbles you and makes you appreciative of the material blessings.  However, these riches doesn’t establish your identity; they only add to the glory that suffering for Christ has produced.  The spirit of God is what symbolizes that you are blessed, not the things that you have.  The Lord determines your destiny and what you will obtain along the way.  He first wants to endow you with anointing and power to do His will.  These spiritual gifts are the true blessings of God. He will still reward you with increase and He knows exactly what you desire even before you do.  So, go through.  Endure hardships as good soldiers and reap the benefits of suffering in Christ.  Just don’t let materialistic substance characterize who you are in God; let His glory do that for you.