Who’s Behind the Makeup, Inc is a non-profit, faith based organization that is designed to educate, inspire, support, and enhance women’s lifestyles mentally, spiritually, socially, and professionally.  The mission of WBTM is to transform communities by providing the tools needed to influence the “whole” woman. It furnishes a variety of skill sets by providing insight into what a woman needs to be successful in every aspect of her life.

Who’s Behind the Makeup provides women with strategies to increase leadership, interpersonal and social skills, employment and financial literacy, nutrition and health awareness, and entrepreneurship. It hosts programs to help eliminate ineffective family units and social barriers and provides the necessary tools to build stronger family relationships (including but not limited to single parent families). This organization empowers women through the assistance of mentors for those suffering from domestic violence, mental abuse, low self-esteem, teenage pregnancy, and other issues that trigger social and mental delays among the female population.  WBTM hosts conferences and retreats that provide women with educational sessions, networking opportunities, professional development, rejuvenation and change.

Who’s Behind the Makeup is committed to supporting and striving to complement and enrich women from diverse backgrounds and cultures, both young and old. This brand is actively involved in the community by providing programs and services that encourage women to be successful, purposeful, powerful and self-motivated individuals.